Individual mentoring

Individual mentoring is designed only for you according to your particular project following the SISU methodology. Through this methodology we will create an action plan for you to achieve your goals, in a way oriented to develop your mentality and emotional well-being:


First, it is to be clear about what we need, and to get to know each other, to create an optimal environment of trust. We're going to be a team. we will be able to accompany you in the definition of objectives, the base tools and your availability. Your self-know-how is key.


Through the first assessment of your case, we will jointly investigate the tools and action plan, according to your values. With the results, we will design a work plan adapted to your needs and your availability.


You're going to get out of your comfort zone, that's for sure, but I'll be there with you. It includes the scheduled sessions with an ongoing review of progress and implementation of the proposed tools. If something is not working we will review it and adapt it if necessary.


We will pool all the results and review the entire process along with the learnings and competencies acquired. Follow-up guidelines if necessary. Now you know you can. I'd love to know that you've integrated the tools to take the reins of your life and shine.

What kind of mentoring programs are there?


Lite mentoring is a month-long mentor in which we will work a specific goal in relation to your career, applying our methodology.
We will work for about a month, alternating personal work with 2 individual sessions.


VIP mentoring is a three-month mentoring in which we will work on a complete process of professional change applying our methodology.
This program lasts approximately 4 months, we will alternate personal work with 6-7 individual sessions.


This is my mentoring transformation, reserved for people highly committed to their personal and professional development.
It's a 6-month intensive program.
It combines personal work and 10-12 individual mentoring sessions.

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