Your career can be an exciting experience and also a path full of challenges to overcome, especially when you live them outside your home country.

Through Psisulab, I want to offer you access to my community of expats, mentoring and training programs tailored to your needs.

These services are based on three specialties:

Career Coaching

Do you live the week waiting on Friday, without challenges, without illusion? Want to change jobs but feel like you’re out of date? Areyou intimidated by the idea of participating in an overseas selection process? Doyou lose job opportunities because you think you’re not able to show your full potential?


Did you just get to a new country and theadaptation is costing you more than you imagined? Do you feel out of place? Do you think you need support to overcome cultural shock? Have you been an expat for a few yearsnow and feel stagnant? Have you returned to your homecountry and feel lost or out of place?

Burnout prevention

Do you feel more negativity, apathy orirratibility than normal lately? Are you living through a time when you feel overwhelmed, not knowing how to manage your stress? Do you feel like you’re in a permanent state of nervousness? Do you have a hard time sleeping, disconnecting, enjoying things? You think you’re neglecting?


I offer a mentoring program, according to my own methodology, according to the SISU method that I have created to accompany you and that you achieve your goals from emotional well-being:

  • Status: First analysis of your needs, which will be the result of the information collected through a personal interview and a small questionnaire, we can accompany you in the definition of objectives, the basic tools and your availability. Your self-know-how is key.
  • Investigation: Through the first assessment of your case, we will jointly investigate the tools and actions to be proposed, according to your values. With the results, we will propose a work plan project adapted to your needs and your availability. A mentoring plan would include: the description of the objective, the tools and techniques to be applied, the approximate number of sessions to be scheduled, the indicative time duration of the entire process, and the follow-up.
  • Release:Includes scheduled sessions with continuous review of progress and implementation of proposed tools. With accommodations if your project requires it.
  • Ornification: We will share all the results and review the entire process along with the learnings and competencies acquired. Follow-up guidelines if necessary. I’d love to know that you’ve integrated the tools to take the reins of your life and shine.
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