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Be your best professional version abroad.

Access the latest tools for psychology and coaching
for stress management and burnout prevention,
anywhere in the world.

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Psychology & Coaching for expats, returnees and nomadic workers.

Professional development and change management, addressing it from well-being, in awareness and balance with all aspects of your life.

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Commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Personalized programs for organizations focused on workers' emotional well-being.

Workshops for the development of multinational teams.

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Activate your job

Develop your mindset and access the tools you need to find the work you deserve, anywhere in the world.


My most personalized service to help you achieve your professional goals wherever your profession takes you. Learn about the SISU methodology.

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Emotional well-being for your professional experience abroad. Join our community.


Do you have a multinational team and want to develop its full potential? Access our personalized programs.


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About Psisulab

At best, we spend 30% of our lives working.

Doing so outside your home country requires an extra dose of energy. Our international career will present us with different challenges. Starting over, in a culture of others, away from home and sometimes in a language that is not ours is a challenge that constantly tests us.

If you’re reading, I wanted to congratulate you because maybe you’ve also realized how you manage your attention or your emotions in the face of a certain challenge is key to your work happiness.

Rebuild your life in another country?Adapt to a new culture? Find the job you deserve outside your home country? Be your best professional version abroad? Acquire new responsibilities? Enjoy work-life balance?

How would you like to have the resources that teach you how to do it and allow you to enjoy your international experience to the fullest?
Yes, it’s
possible, an important part starts with you.

Through Psisulab I provide my strategic vision of human resources and talent development, focusing on emotional well-being from the most innovative tools of psychology and coaching.

Do you want to boost your international experience?

We seek success to achieve happiness, until we realize that it is happiness that finds success.

About me


Olga Garrido orozco
Psychologist & International Career Coach

I have more than 15 years of experience as Human Resources Manager in different sectors and countries. Managing various organizational change projects.

I specialize in Human Resources and Occupational Welfare. My professional career has given me the opportunity to collaborate with people of different profiles, accompanying them in their own processes of change, getting them to meet their professional goals.

I have led hundreds of selection processes, successfully accompanying the development of multinational people and teams. I have lived in 4 different countries and since 2016 I live in Germany with my husband and a multicultural girl and a complement boy.

My mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in organizations, being aware of the challenges that this poses in both teams and people. For this reason, I am especially sensitive in emotional well-being in every professional development process.

With this goal I founded PSISULAB, to take, together with you, whether you are self-employed or working in a company, your professional career to the next level, creating the opportunities you deserve and doing it consciously, taking care of your mental health.

It will be a pleasure to join you.


How can I help you?

change management
Did you just get to a new country and the adaptation is costing you more than you imagined? Do you feel out of place? Do you think you need support to overcome cultural shock? Have you been an expat for a few years now and feel stagnant? Have you returned to your home country and feel lost or out of place?
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Career COaching
Do you live the week waiting on Friday, without challenges, without illusion? Want to change jobs but feel like you're out of date? Are you intimidated by the idea of participating in an overseas selection process? Do you lose job opportunities because you think you're not able to show your full potential?
Read more
burnout prevention
Do you feel more negativity, apathy or irratibility than normal lately? Are you living through a time when you feel overwhelmed, not knowing how to manage your stress? Do you feel like you're in a permanent state of nervousness? Do you have a hard time sleeping, disconnecting, enjoying things? You think you're neglecting?
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How can I help you?

Through various programs and individual mentoring, we will work together on your needs aimed at achieving your professional development goals as an expat, returne or nomadic worker.

My programs and workshops aimed at providing you with specific tools, according to your needs. The “Activate your job” program will give you the tools to optimize your work transition.

My SISU methodology is aimed at advancing an action plan designed for you, according to your motivational values and resources, both current ones, and those that will be created through your learnings. Tracking your progress appropriate to your progression.

A desire doesn’t change anything, but an action changes everything,

Shall we take action?


In 2021 Finland was elected for the fourth consecutive year the happiest country in the world.

SISU is a word that represents the principles of your culture. It is a combination of terms such as determination, courage, integrity, perseverance, willpower, initiative, stoicism or resilience. In psychology it is described as a key psychological attribute that allows extraordinary action to be taken to overcome an important mental or physical challenge. Going to live in a foreign country is undoubtedly an extraordinary action.

I’m sure SISU and happiness are closely related. What do you think?

Psisulab Values

Podcast "A one-way ticket"

We already have podcast!

“A one-way ticket” is your Monday morning appointment, where we’ll talk about psychology and emotional well-being for professional life.

You will learn about different topics around psychology at work, with interviews, guided meditation sessions and discussions about books of interest. So you can turn on the week and enjoy it from Monday morning.


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