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Psisulab was born as a project whose mission is to help you successfully face those challenges and development challenges both professional and personal that you live throughout your working life.

I help you boost your professional experience by taking it to the next level, accompanying you to be your best version. Motivating lasting learning and assimilation of new skills that will positively impact all aspects of your life in a cross-cutting way.

My value proposition combines accompaniment to change management, career development strategy and psychological support for stress coping and burnout prevention by combining my psychology training and business experience.

My way of working integrates some of the most innovative techniques of the practice of psychology and coaching, such as work based on emotions, EMDR, positive psychology or the practice of Mindfulness, according to your personal and professional objectives.

Access my Mindful Expats community,mentoring services and various programs aimed at both individuals and companies. Contact me for more information.

Change Management

Psisulab is created with a firm belief in change as a strategy for personal and professional development, anywhere in the world, at any stage of your process.

Accompanying you in the emotions and feelings that are part of the professional experience throughout life.

Integrating the learnings of each stage, working with your motivations, blockages and attitudes is key to make change a success in your life and its benefits last.

Psisulab comes from the union of two key words when we talk about personal transformation: Psychology and Sisu.

What is SISU?:

Sisu is a Finnish word that represents the principles of its culture. It is a combination of terms such as determination, courage, integrity, perseverance, willpower, initiative, stoicism or resilience. In psychology it is described as a key psychological attribute that allows extraordinary action to be taken to overcome an important mental or physical challenge.
It is, therefore, an aspect that I consider vitally important any process of vital change and that perfectly represents the raison d’eer of this project.

More about me

Hello! I am Olga Garrido Orozco, Psychologist specialized in Human Resources and Labour Welfare who helped international professionals boost their career wherever their profession takes them. Since 2005 I work in the multinational corporate field,an activity that I combine with the practice of coaching. My professional career has given me the opportunity to collaborate with people of different profiles, with different circumstances and motivations, accompanying them in their own processes of personal and work change.

Since 2013 I have lived outside my home country, Spain, first as an expat in France,where I spent almost four intense years. Then, after being a mother for the first time, I moved from country to job and settled with my family in southern Germany,where I still reside and where my young son was born. I am currently the mother of a completely bicultural girl and boy.

RI especially equestrian my first months in Paris and the circumstances of my expatriation. Factors such as cultural shock, new language and sometimes harmful self-demand had a very negative impact on my self-esteem and well-being. From there, I had to learn to rebuild. I continued to form and started with the practice of Mindfulness.

Like you, I have had highs and lows, I have felt vulnerable, I have had fears or insecurities, and, through these valuable experiences I have lived my own personal transformation. I understand change as a constant, which motivates me to continue to test my limits, learning and evolving.

“A happy life is not a life without difficulties or afflictions, but it is a full life, one that is lived with deep feeling of wonder and gratitude” – Mario Alonso Puig.

By surfing my own challenges, I have understood the importance of specialized help in addressing certain challenges that life presents to us. Developing the right tools is vital to a good experience, so one day I decided to make my vocation for people, an enterprise that will help both people and teams turn their vital and professional goals into lasting successes,while learning and enjoying the process.
I am passionate about helping you create opportunities to become someone with more confidence, more resilience, in short, someone who has developed the tools to be the pilot of your own life and… shine.

I like to define myself as a preacher of optimism and a collector of experiences. My favorite city in the world is Berlin and I would love to return to Japan soon. The site that has impressed me the most than I have been so far is the Grand Canyon of Colorado.

One of the things people who know me say about me is that at first I may seem a little serious, but then there are few who resist my contagious laughter. I consider myself a good conversationaver but above all “listening”, tell me about human behavior, any form of art or finance and you will have all my attention without looking at the clock.

My favorite place to disconnect is by watching the waves on the seashore and if it’s with a much better book. One of the books I like to recommend the most is “Good Luck”.

I firmly believe that the words we use and our inner language largely determine our trajectory and attitude, moreover, since they are made with words, I consider written expression in general and books, in particular, as one of the most valuable vehiclesof transmission of values and learnings. I have written two children’s books that I have dedicated to my two children, the first is “Give Me a Hug?” around emotional intelligence and affectivity, and the last is “Jon’s Piggy”, dedicated to the dissemination of financial education in childhood. I also invite you to find me in my personal blog, where I share my posts and reflections on mindful working:

I offer individual sessions, mentoring and various training programs.

Contact me at: olga@psisulab.com


Bachelor of Psychology, UV.

Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, CEF.

Specialist in Occupational Risk Prevention, Specialty “Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology”, ASIMAG.

Certification as Executive Coach, ICF.

Master’s Degree in Psychological Therapies 3rd Generation, VIU.

Specialist in Mindfulness and Emotional Management, IEPP.

Psisulab Values



We respect ethical and ethical standards. We are aware of our limitations and resources and expose it to our client. We understand ethics and ethics in the field of psychology and coaching and are able to apply them appropriately to all situations.



We are flexible and adapt to change, which is our specialty, being aware that needs and situations can be changed even without losing sight of the main objective. In short, we adapt to your process of change and to those circumstances that may arise on your way to personal transformation.



An essential aspect of the relationship with our customers and our success is trust, so our processes are absolutely confidential. It is vital to us that you feel in a safe and trustworthy environment.



We engage with our customers and their processes, giving individualized attention and directed to your particular needs, making at your disposal all our resources and knowledge.



We align ourselves with your needs, treating each individual case from honesty and transparency. Without judging, always maintaining an orientation towards the individual with the focus on his personal integrity.


Continuous improvement

We promote our own development with the aim of maintaining a high level of quality in our services, keeping an open to feedback and suggestions for improvement of our customers.



We are committed to your success, making it our main goal. We count on your commitment and collaboration, key throughout the process.

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