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Are you ready for the   “new normal?,Has COVID-19 caused a jolt in your personal and work life?, Do you want to take advantage of this moment to   create your new normal?

During the confinement and de-scalding   in which we are still many immersed, since it depends on the country in which you are living it, we have enough time to be able to be   frightened at our possible new reality. In fact, I’m sure you still have a high degree of uncertainty about what awaits you in your international experience.

Perhaps you find yourself in need of reinventing yourself, looking for a new job, facing changes in family life, delaying your return   date or changing residence,…

Take advantage of this stop and shake to wonder why you are not living the life that your family and friends (in your place of origin) assume that you are     living,   being in the city or in the country to which you decided   to move and enjoy the international experience, of all of it as a whole, living this moment in a country that is not yours is difficult, but depending on the place can be more or less complicated, so you have to be reflective, realistic, put on the work monkey and gradually build the dream life, your new normality.

I’m sure one of the things that you have very much in mind in this international experience   is that you are the stranger, who has to take the job of  understand how things work in your “adopted country,” and do an exercise in self-understanding,  to get to know yourself, your reactions and  be willing to work on your weaknesses and accept that you will make “mistakes” because you are not in your home country.

The first step in creating the new normality   is to get (or regain) the stability   needed to get the most out of your international experiencel. To do this it is necessary to build, or rebuild a solid structure.

The structure of your   international experience   is supported on   4 major pillars, which must be set again to build   a new normal:

  1. Money.
  2. Relationships.
  3. housing
  4. And   health.

In order to create   this new normality andbe able to move to the next level of your             internationalexperience, you have to regain the stability necessary to launch   new projects and live the life you have dreamed of and that is something that you have to decide to do for yourself.

The first step is to analyze how each of the columns that will support your new     normality goes   and work on   improving them.   After all, it’s your life,   your decision, your time and it involves actions that no one can do for you (in others you can turn to professionals like us).

From this post, I invite you to take some time to ask yourself what situation you are in and find out which aspects of   your life you have to work on the most to make the ultimate leap in your   international   experience.


Having a certain stability economic     it should always be your priority, as it’s very difficult to do anything if you see that your bank account is under low and you don’t know if you’re going to be able to make it to the end of the month. Being sick of money   forces you to make bad decisions and that’s the worst thing to do right now.

The size of the mattress you need depends on your risk tolerance: there are people who when they see that the money that’s been hard for them to save  disappears they get very nervous and can’t think of anything else, while others feel comfortable (and even motivated)living on the edge of the wire. the money   is an important factor in your recovery plan.


If you’ve been in your adoption country for some time, you’ll probably already meet people, but also your case may not know anyone or those you know are turning to their home countries. Maybe you’re in touch with a couple of people, or other expats, but surely nothing to do with the number of friends and acquaintances you had in your home country. This leaves you in a very   delicate position because, even if you are one of the people who love to travel alone, we all need company (even in a timely manner).

If you don’t have anyone, you run the risk of isolating yourself and disconnecting from the world, which   will end up leading to a deep sense of emptiness. Be careful to be talking to your family or   colleagues in   your hometown all day. Although because of the confinement and ease that networks provide us now   makes you feel better and even necessary, your life is now in your adopted country. What I advise you is to be proactive, put shame aside and strive to make new friends.

Luckily, nowadays with the internet and the hundreds of existing apps it’s pretty easy to take the first step. There are also other ways to take this step in your recovery plan find them.


The house where you live is your castle, your cave, your refuge. It’s where you go to sleep every night and spend many hours a week. The important thing is that you feel comfortable   and that when you are there you can relax and rest. If you’re not comfortable, you’re going to be stressed and you’re going to find it hard to concentrate.

It’s also very important Where     to live. Think about the daily tasks you do and ask yourself if your housing   It’s close to work, a healthy and inexpensive supermarket or restaurant, close to a gym or exercise area.

Living in a   well-placed   home with the right people will save you time and make your life     easier, improving the   international experience.

This may be the time to make that switch to cheaper housing or take advantage to share a flat if you are living alone, in some     cities, because the pandemic is having a lower rent, keep that in mind in your   recovery plan.

Bless you

Health is always important, eating well, getting enough sleep and     exercising regularly will keep your body and head healthy and give you the encouragement and energy you need to fully enjoy your international experience.

When you create your new normality   you need to be 100%   so you don’t   get blocked or depressed. And without good health,you won’t be able to be 100%.

I invite you to sit down, reflect on your current situation, prioritize what you want to work on first, set your goals,   design your recovery plan     and, most importantly, take action.

If you need help, do not   hesitate to contact uswho will help you in each of the steps so that you take your international experience     tothe   next level.

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Author: Raquel Mañana Ecoro

Author: Raquel Mañana Ecoro

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