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I would like to begin this text by thanking you, thanks to you who are reading these lines, because from now on as a reader you are making my goal of contributing my grain of sand to the dissemination of psychology and coaching fulfilled. For this, again, first of all, thanks to you.

Those who have started the path of undertaking something know the feelings that accompany this vital project: nerves, insecurity and also illusion, a lot of illusion. My illusion, the one with which this blog is born, is to be able to share with anyone who needs everything learned over the years in terms of change management: both from a personal point of view and from a professional point of view.

As the phrase reads: “The only constant is change”, nothing remains, everything changes. Much has been written about change, how resilient we are to change, how fast everything changes, others, on the other hand, how slow we move forward. Opinions on this issue are varied and sometimes contradictory.

Even if there are times when things don’t seem to evolve or you’ve found yourself saying something like, “That’s how I am, I’m not going to change,”no less than how satisfied you are with your life, you may have at some point found yourself screaming for change. Actually, at that point, change has already been made internally, it has already begun, you have changed yourself, becoming a person who does not settle for the same old thing. That’s when you’re motivated to take action.

Other times, changes come to us, they have not been chosen by us, how we deal with them will depend on our circumstances and our internal resources.

Change is something that someone can hardly undertake on their own. All aspects of life are impacted, almost causing a domino effect. This text is also motivated by a change, my own change. I am currently immersed in a personal change project, which I am experiencing through entrepreneurship. I will talk about all this through this medium, sharing my experiences and learnings. It would make me very happy if you’d come with me and have my thoughts help you.

Change, as a rule, is associated with a will for improvement. So I’m going to invite you to reflect on what you’d like to improve in your life and, if you feel like it, share it with me:

What do changes mean to you?

Are you one of those who changes continuously or are you one of those who resists changing?

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