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Quotes are one of the forms of written expression, which, in my opinion, have more power. They can concentrate on one or two sentences, in a short play of words, the same wisdom as a long essay. Food for thought, a brief concentrate of vitamins that invites you to think. In this article, I will highlight some thoughts about vital changes.

In general, changes frighten us, human beings are mostly resistant to change. Some seek them, others accept them, and there are also those who live them with resignation, but they always come associated with certain levels of stress. These little “wisdom pills” help us deal with them and normalize them. Therefore, I would like to share with you three quotes that I would highlight for your contribution and for what have helped me in my experiences.

“Those who seek constant happiness and wisdom must accommodate frequent changes.”

This phrase has helped me understand the inevitable of evolution. Especially at the time when we have had to live, the world is living a moment of continuous acceleration. It hardly seems that it has been a few days since you bought your new smartphone or any other gadget, the media already presents the new innovation.

Throughout our lives, we all have to face different changes, some will come taxes, others will be chosen, but what is certain is that from each and every one of them we will get something. Only he understands this as a tool of transformation and personal development will be able to thrive.

Resisting this only causes us a frustration that we cannot handle because we cannot have everything under control, much of the circumstances, of our environment escapes our direct influence. Acceptance is the key ally for our personal development.

“Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.”

Although I have heard it and read it many times later, one of the first times I heard this quote was at a lecture by Nicolas Nassim Taleb. At that moment something in my mind clicked.

When we undertake something, we all aim to win, achieving the goal we have in mind, our idealistic conception of success. Doubts, limiting beliefs, or the fear of never ever seeing our dreams come true can make an appearance and boycott us. Sometimes it is the fear of losing that keeps us in our positions, doing nothing and being the main threat. As Rafa Nadal once said: “The enemy is not to lose, the enemy is the FEAR to lose.”

But how about we consider our actions as learning exercises? How about we recount the failure? For this fear becomes something different, it becomes experience and opportunity, in short, an exercise in rationalization and reframe to improve our levels of anxiety and stress.

Our attitude is key to managing the results we get, whether positive or “not expected”.

“You don’t have to be great to start with, but you have to start to be great”

Zig Ziglar

Taking the first step, starting with the blank page, it’s vertigo, isn’t it? Well, I’m going to ask you to think of someone you admire very much, someone who’s a reference for you.

You got it? Well, that person you consider a trained and competent person also started from scratch.

If we wait to know everything, we’ll never start, because we’ll never get to know everything. After all, like the title of this blog “the only constant thing is change”, there will always be something new that can make us feel obsolete or un prepared again. Our action is key.

According to the famous author Malcom Gladwell, we need 10,000 hours to be a specialist in any field. For everything there is always an hour 1, the first hour, the blank folio. Dare, persist and trust.

I invite you to share your comments with me:

What other phrases do you know?

What would you like to change?

Where would you start?

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Author: Olga Garrido Orozco

Author: Olga Garrido Orozco

Founder of Psisulab. Psychologist, mom and recurrent optimist.

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